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thermo-heat for home

Most warmly recommended by thermo

In many areas thermo contributes towards improving your quality of life. The reason for this is the versatility of our heating technology and our power of innovation for personalised solutions. We are never shy of an idea, if it comes to developing new applications.

In doing so, thermo has grown out of its role solely as an engineering and supply company. Today, we are successfully marketing our own products too everywhere e.g. our panel heater CONVECTO, our electric towel heater touch4more or our gastronomy heating plates in various designs.

Given below is an overview of the home products developed by thermo.

Panel heater CONVECTO: Always on the spot

A very hot tip: Our panel heater series CONVECTO enhances your living comfort. The shapely, portable and effective source of heat is on the spot, wherever it is needed.

touch4more: For pleasantly warm towels

Heat within seconds for every occasion: The electric towel heater touch4more is another innovative product by thermo for private use, top in functionality and design.

The Gastro heating plate: Appetisingly warm

No loss of heat, full enjoyment: Heating plates by thermo keep the food appetisingly warm e.g. during dressing or before serving - both in gastronomy and in many households.

Mirror heating: Always retain the perspective

Keep full perspective even after taking a shower: The mirror heating by thermo is number one in the European premier hotel industry and also available on large cruise liners.

thermo heated carpet: It will turn you on

Let's be realistic: Floors made of wood, stone or PVC are beautiful and easy to maintain - but always cold. Our heated carpet now no longer gives you cold feet. It will turn you on!

Heating solutions for pets: Incredibly good

When there is storm or snow, not just humans look for a warm place. Think of your pets, too. Here are thermo products your animals will love!

thermofol: Heat for exotic species and plants

Do you keep exotic animals at home? Do you want to do plant breeding? In both the cases, the solution is thermofol. Our heating foil lets the exotic species and plants blossom ...